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My name is Sam and I am currently a poor college student who works in retail. I love to travel and play music; that is my happiness.


Something I am beginning to think is this: when I take a photograph that is specifically of a person, and think of it as a portrait, and decide that I am taking a portrait, a sense of uncomfortableness that exists between me & other people becomes very obvious and apparent in the image. When I take a photograph that happens to include people, that has people as an element of it, or maybe not even the whole person, it is infinitely more calm and natural.

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kaaytlyncooper asked: I've been obsessed with your glitter prom dress from 2013. you HAVE to tell me where you got it. please please please


I got it at a store called Joani’s! It’s a little local dress shop. I’d tell you the brand of the dress, but I honestly have no idea. Thank you so much, I loved that dress :)

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